Service Opportunities – Missional Living Department

Kids Hope

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner – We have our volunteer appreciation dinner coming up on February 11 and we could really use some help. The event will be catered but we need people to clear tables and help clean up. We will need people from 6:30-8:30pm and dinner will be included.  Please contact Kari Brummel at, if you would like to help bless our volunteers with this relaxing evening.

Mentors We are currently in need of 1 female mentors and 2 male mentors.  Mentors meet with one student, one hour a week during the school year to form relationships, work on academic needs, eat together and play a game or two.  We hope for long lasting relationships depending on the stability of the student. We ask for at least a one-year commitment.  If you are interested, please contact Carrie Homkes at


After School Program

We are currently looking for people willing to pick up and/or drop off students for the After School program.  This would include either driving a church van or walking the students across the parking lot.  The time slots for this volunteer position are 3:20-4:00pm and 5:20-6:00pm.

We are also in need of mentors/leaders to help student’s with homework, reading, life skills and to build meaningful relationships while pouring God’s love into each student’s life.  Grades range between Kindergarten-5th grade and the program hours run between 3:45-5:30pm.

If you are interested, please contact Amy Mares at or at (616) 368-8936


Children’s Ministry

RELATIONSHIP BUILDERS NEEDED IN CHILDREN’S MINISTRIES: We have made changes to Sundays so that a “teacher” is not needed in the classroom.  All of the teaching will be done in a large group.  We do, however, need volunteers to primarily build relationships with the children in their classroom before and after the large group session.  We are seeking the young and the old to fill these very important discipleship roles.  We are in need of volunteers to help in the 2nd/3rd and 4th/5th grade classrooms on Sunday mornings at 10:30am.  These spots are currently vacant and need to be filled ASAP. If you or someone you know is looking for a place to serve, please contact Becky Visser at or at (616) 796-3356.

SUBS: We are in desperate need of “subs” in the event someone is gone.  If you or someone you know would be willing to “sub” please contact Becky Visser at or at (616) 796-3356.


Youth Ministries

Middle School:

  • relationship with kids as we seek to lead ALL youth to be passionate disciples of Jesus Christ, serve God family and community, and reach God’s world.
    • 4-5 new Middle School small group leaders for Blowout on Wednesday night (male and female adults).
    • 2 gentlemen to join the security and safety team on Wednesday nights to walk around, connect with students and love on them as well as keep the environment safe. One would serve from 4-6pm and the other from 6-8pm. Paul Moerland can give you more information!
    • 2 van drivers and 2 ride-alongs (we need to have at least two adults with kids) to drive the kids home as it begins to get colder and darker (about 7:30-8:30pm). Many of our kids don’t have a way to get home safely and it’s a way we can love and serve them! In addition, it’s another touch point of relationship with our kids.
  • Sunday School – Learning and growing together!
    • Compassionate adults to teach a lesson teach a lesson 1 time a month at 10:30 to about 15 middle school students.
  • Mentoring – Discipleship relationships and support for our kids!
    • Profession of Faith mentoring (January – May, 1 hour per week)
    • Meet students for coffee, pop, ice cream during the week! You can even turn in your receipts and it’s on us!
    • Adopt a student and attend their sporting events or extra-curricular activities
    • Hang out/crafts/activities with middle school students after school on Wednesdays before programming (3:30-5pm)
  • Prayer – Just like team work makes the dream work, prayer is the fuel for our ministry!


*Lauren would love to talk to you more if you are interested or have any questions! You can reach her at

High School:

Special Events help: (wide range of activities, 2-4 times a semester for 1-2 hours)

  • Food prep, serving food and clean up on a Sunday night for high school youth group
  • Set up chairs and tables for events and tear down and clean up
  • Make cookies or food for special event
  • Go grocery shopping/supply run for a dinner or youth group night


Mentoring: (more regular 1 on 1 time with students)

  • Profession of Faith mentoring (January – May)
  • Meet middle school or high school students for coffee, pop, ice cream during the week
  • Adopt a student and attend their sporting events or extra-curricular activities
  • Tutor/hang out/crafts/activities with a middle school student after school on Wednesdays before programming
  • Prayer partnering with a student
  • Adopt a small group to pray for with your growth group or small group community. Our kids face so many distractions and temptations, things that would keep them from Jesus. Here is some helpful scripture to pray from Desiring God


If you are interested in helping out in Youth Ministries, please contact Doris Van Kooten at

Christ Memorial Church