Local Engagement

Local Engagement is a set of programs designed to join the local and global community in being the body of Christ.

The body of Christ has many parts. To be the whole body each part must be appreciated, valued, and given the space to be and do what God has called them to. Community Engagement seeks to bring all people as Christ followers together to live, work, and serve God.

Imagine feet that walk with the wounded, visit the imprisoned, go to the outcasts, find the forgotten, stand against injustice, carry the weak, and run to the lonely?  Imagine voices that share the Gospel with the lost, counsel the confused, speak up for the voiceless, encourage the depressed, comfort the sick, and pray with the grieving?

We believe that as we are being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, we can transform our worlds in Jesus name by engaging our neighborhoods, communities, workplaces, and schools through mentoring, ministry partners, missional communities, and church multiplication.


KIDS HOPE USA is a mentoring program in which one mentor and one student spend one hour a week in relationship with each other. Christ Memorial was one of the founding KHUSA churches in 1995. Each week, nearly 65 caring adults enter Holland West (right next door to CMC) to mentor an at-risk child for an hour. They spend time reading, talking, playing and listening to their Kids Hope student, creating a consistent relationship of support and nurturing. When kids feel loved and valued, they are better able to learn, grow and succeed. Each year, we send all interested 4th and 5th graders to Camp Geneva for a fabulous week of summer camp.

KIDS HOPE NEXT is the middle school extension of the relationships formed in KIDS HOPE at the elementary school. Holland Middle School is the host school for this program where we have 20 students.

Ministry Contacts:

Kari Brummel, Email:

Carrie Homkes, Email:

Henry Cherry, Email (Kids Hope Next)


YoungLives reaches out to teen moms by entering their world, modeling the unconditional love of Christ and encouraging them to become the women and mothers God created them to be. Through monthly large group get togethers (club), one to one mentoring, small group bible study along with camp, teen moms are equipped to make positive choices, set and achieve goals and ultimately live a life following Christ.

Ministry Contact:  Christine Bakker, Email

Website Address:


Barnabas Ministries is passionately committed to reaching high risk youth and families with the message of freedom, hope, and healing in Jesus Christ. To create an environment where hurting youth and families can discover their value in Christ, grow in that knowledge, and pass that knowledge on to others. None of the youth or families served by Barnabas Ministries pays a fee for the help they receive. Even the books, Bibles, and discipleship materials are provided free of charge to those in need. Barnabas is very deliberate in refusing any funding that would limit our ability to provide Christ-honoring ministry. We are committed to praying with and for the people we serve, and to sharing salvation in Jesus as the key to true, lasting life change.

Ministry Contact: Michelle Bechler, Email:

Website Address:


ATLAS is a ministry designed to walk with people through difficult times while showing the way to relief, restoration, and redemption. Some people may be surprised how many individuals and families in our own community are dealing with very serious issues. Our phone rings multiple times a day with people desperate for help. Financial hardship, family problems, addictions and health issues are among the many circumstances that can pile up leaving a person feeling like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. Everything ATLAS does is built on Biblical principles and prayer. We share the gospel with our clients by showing them the unconditional love and grace of God.

Ministry Contact: Faith Avery, Email:

Website Address:

CMC’S OPEN ARMS MINISTRY is a relational ministry that seeks to understand the situations of people in need and discern how best to move forward. We help connect them to resources within the body of Christ to help with personal assistance. We provide accountability, prayer and encouragement for them and their families by connecting them to church ministries and community partners.

Ministry Contact: Terri Caldwell, Email:  Phone: 616-796-3365

Click here for a link to the Open Arms Contact Form
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Many adults in our community and nation cannot read or struggle with their reading and writing skills.  The R.E.A.D. Program (Reading Education for ADults) began in 2006 with one tutor and one student.  Over the years, hundreds of students have been able to improve their literacy skills by working one-on-one with a tutor.  Most sessions are once a week for 90 minutes at a time and public place that is convenient for both the tutor and the student.  Most sessions are held here at Christ Memorial Church, and all of our resource materials are kept in the church library.

Ministry Contact:  Sherrie Wolthuis, Email:


Special Education Ministry demonstrates the love of Christ by providing a worship and teaching opportunity in a way that welcomes and respects the needs of individuals with development disabilities. Our vision is to provide this worship opportunity in a manner that respects the students’ age and abilities, while enhancing their ability to access the word and love of the Lord.

Ministry Contact:  Nancy Cook, Email:


We help combat hunger in the community: providing healthy food to children over the weekend so they have a greater opportunity to succeed academically, emotionally, and physically. Hand2Hand began in October 2008 after a need was discovered in a local elementary school that children risked going hungry on the weekends because of financial strain. The founder of Hand2Hand, Cheri Honderd, attended Fair Haven Church and worked with the Principal of that particular school. A plan was implemented that would provide food to these children in a way that was confidential. Hand2Hand has expanded to other schools as churches have partnered with us. Each church follows the same guidelines and are responsible to raise their own volunteers to stuff backpacks, receive food donations, and bring the backpacks to the schools. Hand2Hand offers continued training and support for all of its church partners.

Ministry Contact: Cindy Bosman Email:


Many of our youth today want meaningful work experience. ESCAPE Ministries partnered with the City of Holland to provide work opportunities for students with little or no experience. The Holland Youth Connection Summer Job Program is geared toward youth 14 to 17 years old. Our objectives for the program:

  • To give youth the opportunity to gain work experience and develop useful and appropriate work behaviors.
  • To provide beneficial services to the public and private organizations in our community.
  • To help youth gain a sense of achievement and accomplishment with new found teamwork and work ethic.

Ministry Contact: Esther Fifelski, Email:


After School Program

The After School Program is a partnership with Holland K-West and Jefferson Elementary Schools that equips, encourages, and empowers the students of our next generation. The program meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-5:30pm with students ranging from Kindergarten to fifth grade.  We offer arts & crafts, homework time, community engagement and fun field trips! If you enjoy working with kids and want to engage in an active learning environment, send an inquiry to Amy Mares. Please include your name, contact information, further questions you might have and grade level of interest.

Ministry Contact: Amy Mares, Email: 


Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity is a partnership, house building, home ownership, Christian ministry in the greater Holland area. It is based on the principle that all God’s people deserve a decent place to live and that our community is a better place when that occurs. We have been affiliated with Habitat International since 1990. Since then we have built or restored more than 125 homes, serving over 700 adults and children. We serve families in both Ottawa and Allegan Counties. In 2009, we began to turn more focus to the complete restoration of existing homes in view of the housing and banking crisis that left so many homes vacant. We have restored 8 homes to date with 2 waiting to begin.

Ministry Contact: Dave Rozman,

Website Address:


Our mission is to cultivate assets and mobilize faith-based and community partners to alleviate homelessness and poverty. NEIGHBORHOOD CONNECTIONS strengthens under-resourced neighborhoods through relationship- building and collaborative efforts of churches and community partners. AFFORDABLE HOUSING CONNECTIONS helps vulnerable individuals and families achieve housing and financial stability by providing effective programs while collaborating with churches and other community partners. CLEARINGHOUSE connects area churches with people in need to engage relationally in multiple ways. FAITH IN YOUTH equips faith-based organizations to provide connections between at-risk youth and caring communities.

Ministry Contact: Linda Jacobs, Email:

Website Address:


The Holland Rescue Mission exists to glorify God by proclaiming and demonstrating His love through Christ centered programs of excellence for the homeless and less fortunate. This is achieved through our Men’s Ministry Center (men’s shelter), Family Hope Ministry Center (women and children’s shelter) and the Gateway Ministry Center (a state licensed vocational training school) which walks individuals through addiction recovery as well as provides vocational training and career readiness.

OUR VISION The vision of Holland Rescue Mission is to lead people to changed lives in Christ. OUR MISSION We exist to glorify God by proclaiming and
demonstrating His love through Christ-centered programs of excellence for the homeless and less fortunate.

Ministry Contact: Christina Terpstra, Email

Website Address:



The Mission of the Holland Free Health Clinic is to express the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by facilitating access to health care for those in need in the Holland and Zeeland community with professional excellence and Christian integrity. Holland Free Health Clinic exists to meet the basic human need of health services for the poor and uninsured in our community. We are a Christian health ministry dedicated to providing free care to this vulnerable population.

Ministry Contact:  Jeff Compagner, Email:

Website Address:


The Mission of Buen Pastor is to provide an early childhood program that incorporates a comprehensive, bilingual and multicultural educational program. Since 1989, Buen Pastor offers Migrant Head Start and Early Head Start to the families and is an extension of the Michigan Migrant Head Start (Telamon Corporation). Michigan Migrant Head Start and Early Head Start is dedicated to providing culturally sensitive quality services to eligible migrant families with children ages two weeks to five years old along with pregnant mothers in our Early Head Start Program.

Ministry Contacts: Sherri Derr / Elvira Garcia, Email:



Founded in 2005 by a group of neighbors, still neighbor-led to become great neighbors together. We commit to listen to one another and collaborate with the people and strengths already within our neighborhood. We are excited to connect with anyone who has a passion for the core city of Holland. We take Christ’s call to love our neighbors quite literally. We believe relationships are the essence of community and presence is an essential part of being a good neighbor. Our service is not to those “in need”, but to the needs of everyone at all times. We at 3sixty believe the Spirit is at work and it is our privilege to serve Jesus Christ by seeking the spiritual, social, and physical well-being of our neighbors in the core city of Holland. Brian Wolthuis is a licensed builder, helped start three different businesses with missional intent, planted and pastored a house church for seven years. He is an Anglican priest, Director of 3-Sixty, serves on various boards and committees that work on housing and community development issues.

Ministry Contact: Brian Wolthuis, Email:

Website Address:


Be Nice is a mental health awareness, bullying and suicide prevention initiative that focuses on school-wide change through simple, daily actions.” They have a curriculum that takes the students through stages to notice, invite, challenge and empower one another towards daily kindness.

Ministry Contact: Jeff Elhart, Email:

Website Address:


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