At Mission India, we have a BIG vision. We want to see “India transformed by Christ.” In a nation where over 1 billion people do not follow Jesus, this goal seems impossible by human standards. But India is more open to the Gospel than ever before in history, and we serve a God who makes all things possible! We partner with India’s believers to tell kids about Jesus in Children’s Bible Clubs, teach illiterate adults how to read and write (and read the Bible!), and train people how to start new churches. Christ Memorial’s support of Mission India’s ministry in Rajasthan, India is equipping India’s believers to share the Gospel, strengthening communities and changing lives. India’s believers have the passion and determination to share the Gospel in their own villages and neighborhoods. We can provide the training and resources. Together we can be used by God to see India transformed by Christ. Mission India programs: Children’s Bible Clubs, Adult Literacy Classes, Church Planter Training.

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