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Our desire is to equip and empower you to participate in the work of the Holy Spirit every day of your life. We do this by partnering with you and our community and global ministries to share the love and good news of Jesus Christ. Click on the community or global tab to find out more on how you can be involved in what God is doing in our community and around the world!

Diaconal Board

The Purpose of the Diaconal Boards is to encourage, resource, and support the congregation as it brings Jesus Christ in word and deed to the people in this community and around the world.

The Diaconal Ministries Board is to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism, discipling, church planting, church development, and training/equipping of Christian leadership.  We recognize the importance of meeting physical needs while carrying on any of these ministries, in accordance with Christ’s Great Commandment (Matthew 22:35-40).

2018-2019 Deacons:

  • Sue Carlson
  • Jason DeJongh
  • Carol Disselkoen
  • Jose Duran
  • Doug Finn
  • Scott Geerlings
  • Dennis Hendricks
  • Dot Holleman
  • Tom Honor
  • Jay Lindell
  • Paul Lubbers
  • Shaun Macomber
  • Judy Meiste
  • Paul Moerland
  • Deanna Oonk
  • Jean Schreur
  • Mike Smeenge
  • Renee Speet
  • Dale Terpstra
  • Bud Timmer
  • Tonya Tolsma
  • DeLynn Unema
  • Conni VandeBunte
  • Jacob VanderPloeg
  • Rita VanderVliet
  • Todd VanHuis
  • Maribeth VanZalen
  • Jolee Wennersten

Engagement Staff

Christ Memorial Church