Programs & Services


Extra Care Pastors are ordained RCA Ministers of Word and Sacrament, and members of Christ Memorial Church, who have retired from full-time ministry. They have many years of experience in serving congregations throughout the Reformed Church in America and beyond. Extra Care Pastors primarily attend to those confined to their homes because of age and/or health. They routinely visit those in their care, providing a listening ear, the encouragement of prayer and Scripture, and serving Communion. To inquire about the possibility of being connected with an Extra Care Pastor, contact Ruth Ann Mummert at or 616-796-3396.


Compassionate Friend is a ministry particularly for but not limited to senior saints of Christ Memorial Church who desire a special friend. The relationship often involves regular visits, occasional errands, and sending of cards.  Both parties first meet with the Compassionate Friend Coordinator to understand expectations and limitations.  To inquire about the possibility of being connected with a Compassionate Friend or becoming a Compassionate Friend, contact Ruth Ann Mummert or 616-796-3396.


XYZ (Xtra Years of Zest) is a ministry primarily with those seventy years and beyond. Participants meet together for food, fellowship, and enrichment. Activities vary from speakers and programs to excursions and tours.  XYZ usually meets monthly from April-December. For more information, contact Ruth Ann Mummert or 616-796-3396.


The Gift of Hope Mental Health Support Group is a wonderful way to engage in conversation with others who live with mental illness as well as those with a family member or close friend who does. Meetings take place on the 2nd & 4th Monday of every month in the Green Room from 6-7:30 pm. To sign-up or for more information, contact Ruth Ann Mummert at or 616-796-3396.


GriefShare is a grief support group for anyone who has experienced the death of a spouse, child, family member or friend.  The group is led by those who have experienced grief and have known the pain of loss but have the hope of healing. GriefShare runs for thirteen sessions with each session being self-contained, so that anyone can join at anytime.   DVD interviews with counselors and other experts provide helpful insights and suggestions for moving through the journey of grief, while group discussion and sharing provide support and encouragement. To sign-up or for more information, contact Ruth Ann Mummert at or 616-796-3396.


Care and Repair is a home-repair ministry available to single mothers, senior saints, widows and widowers and those who are incapacitated. All work is done free of charge and may or may not be provided by licensed or professionally trained volunteers. All material costs are the responsibility of those requesting home repairs, though Christ Memorial Church’s Samaritan Fund may be able to assist with material costs. Repairs are done on a first-come-first-served basis. To volunteer, request help, or for more information, contact Ruth Ann Mummert at or 616-796-3396.


Healing Hearts is a Christian organization devoted to helping women who need hope and healing in their lives. It provides a safe place where women can openly share their pain with other women without fear of judgment or condemnation. While intended for women needing any kind of hope and healing in their lives, Healing Hearts is especially designed for those suffering from the after effects of abortion, sexual abuse, divorce, rape, or other traumas. For more information, contact Mary Lorence 616-836-4098 or visit Healing Hearts website at


Starting Point is comprised of five information sessions for those wishing to know more about or desiring to become members of Christ Memorial Reformed Church. It is a starting point for conversations about being a follower of Jesus, finding community with one another, understanding some basics of being Reformed, and learning how and where financial contributions are distributed.  For more information, contact Ruth Ann Mummert at or 616-796-3396.

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