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Care and Connection Elders


The Board of Elders, comprised of ten members elected by the congregation, exhibit the virtues of wisdom, discernment, compassion, intercession, and humility. They meet monthly and are primarily tasked with the spiritual care of the congregation. Their specific responsibilities are to:

  • Supervise congregational membership
  • Discern the proclamation of the gospel
  • Ascertain the spiritual care of the congregation
  • Address moral concerns
  • Oversee the sacraments of Baptism and Communion

2018-2019 BOARD

  • Sally Beerhorst
  • Rev. Leslie Bolt
  • Kathi Buma
  • Cherie Elhart
  • Phyllis Langejans
  • Melissa Langworthy
  • Mari Martin
  • Sheila Meiste
  • Sheryl Smith
  • Ted Vanderveen


Christ Memorial Church