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What We Offer

Below you will find a comprehensive list of Adult Ministry offerings.  For additional information on each of the ministry areas under Adult Ministries, click on the appropriate link.


  • Bible Studies
  • Biblical History and Overviews
  • Christian Living Book / Topical Studies
  • Contemporary & Christian Life Issues Forum
  • Precepts Class
  • LifeGuide Class
  • Apprentice – year long transformation class based on three books by James Bryan Smith
  • Special Events, Conferences and Workshops

Connection Groups

Connection groups are groups of people gathered around a specific purpose or mission.  These groups are mean to be “one of a kind” – meeting the needs of people and participants.  Groups meet weekly, monthly or as often as best serves their purposes.

  • Chemo Caps
  • Earthkeepers
  • Healing Hearts
  • OHOH Knitters
  • Piecemakers Quilting
  • Serendipity Women’s Christian Fiction Book Club

Young Adult Gatherings

Who counts as a “Young Adult”?  We are pretty forgiving here: anyone 18 – 40ish, single or married, with or without kids.  After all, the intent of Christ Memorial’s “Young Adult” groups is not age-segregation but rather a purposeful invitation for engagement.

  • The Front Porch
  • Intersections
  • People of Purpose

Opportunities for Men

  • Small Study Groups


  • Entering CMC at Door D, the Library is located off the Rotunda
  • Over 5,500 Books and DVDs
  • Volunteer opportunities available

Life Groups

Life Groups are groups of people that you “do life with.”  The time, place, and topic of the group may change, but the members of the group stay approximately the same (hopefully with a few new faces every once in a while).  These groups exist because the best things in life are meant to be shared.  Generally speaking, Life Groups do at least seven things together: they eat, play, share, grow, pray, serve, and invite. They may not do all of these things on one specific night, but all could and should be done over a semester’s worth of time together.

At Christ Memorial, Life Groups take a host of different forms. Connection Groups, Growth Communities, and Young Adult gatherings are all various types of Life Groups.

Growth Communities

Growth Communities are groups of 15-50 people who meet weekly for Bible study, discussion, fellowship, prayer and community building.  Each one is a recurring adventure into community, faith, and life. Most groups meet regularly through the school year and less regularly (and more informally) through the summer.

  • Diners Club
  • Faith in Action
  • Families for Christ
  • Friends in Christ Bible Study
  • GAP (Gradually Aging People)
  • Open Hearts, Open Hands
  • People of Purpose
  • Prime Time
  • T2 (Transitioning Together)
  • Walking in Faith

Opportunities for Women

  • Women of the Word (WOW) groups
  • Monthly Women’s Circles
  • Piecemakers Quilting Group
  • Special Events
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