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The 10 Big Questions Jesus Asks series.
Jesus again asks a question that causes the one asked to determine what and who he or she will follow. Will we follow tradition and rules or will we follow Jesus and receive and give grace?
The teachers of the law in Jesus’ day had taken the teaching of the Jewish Bible and skewed it just a bit so that they would benefit from people’s behavior. They were leading people to sin and reaping the profit. Jesus calls them to regain the purity of God’s teaching- a teaching that brings full life to those acting upon it and being served by it.
Will we be “religious” or will we follow Jesus? Will we keep the rules and call it “good” or will be exhibit grace and be holy for other’s sake. Thinking, loving, serving, and living like Jesus begins in the heart and at the core of who we are. “Talk is truly cheap” and most often self-serving. Actions emerge from the place where we hold beliefs, and when that place is a heart transformed by Jesus, we choose grace.

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