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The 10 Big Questions Jesus Asks series.
Jesus asks a question about self-awareness in Matthew 7:3. This question emerges from His teaching about grace and empathy. He also asks this question to save us from being judged ourselves.
Why do we criticize the smaller non-righteous behaviors of others when we have glaring ones ourselves? Why is tearing others down satisfying? Why do we lash out at others when we see our own behaviors in them?
Jesus is calling His followers to see ourselves in the mirror of His life and teaching so that we can use the errors we have made to teach and lift others up, not to tear others down. He invites us to find our security in His affirmation because of what He did and not based on what we do or don’t do. He calls us away from judging to grace-giving and community. He wants us to have full life.

Christ Memorial Church