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The 10 Big Questions Jesus Asks series.
Guest: Mac Pier, The New York Leadership Center
This is an odd question. If a blind person is calling out Jesus’ name, isn’t the reason obvious? Apparently not. Jesus looks at the blind man and asks, “What do you want?” The real question being asked is, “What do you believe I can do?” Maybe Jesus asked to see if the man would ask for forgiveness of sins. Maybe Jesus wanted to know if the man wanted material possessions to care for himself while blind. Jesus may have asked the question to discern the man’s real illness. Was he spiritually or physically ill?
“I want to see.” The man’s answer reveals his faith and his desire to be whole – to have full life with no excuses or regrets. He wanted to live.
Do we? Do we really want to see? Do we really want full life? Do we desire to have wide open eyes so that we can be on mission with God and bring hope and peace our world? Or do we enjoy our blindness and use it as an excuse for not serving and loving?
Jesus wants each of us to see clearly. He wants us to see the real condition of our world and He wants us to see the power He is unleashing to bring sight to every form of blindness. Jesus wants us to receive the miracle of the Kingdom and be part of revealing the miracle to others.

Christ Memorial Church