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The 10 Big Questions Jesus Asks series.

No matter how many times we see Jesus’ power and grace, when we encounter frightening situations we struggle to trust Him. The disciples were like this first! They had seen the miracles and heard His teaching. However, when they saw the waves and felt the wind, they panicked just like you and me.

Storms will come. When they do and when you cry out to Jesus, will you rest in His power?

There are a couple of other embedded questions: Is Jesus in your boat? Have you invited Him on the journey with you? He won’t impose Himself. He loves us too much to do that. Do you believe Jesus is on the journey with you? He is not far away waiting for us to mess up so He can accuse us. No, He is with us, for us, and walking next to us. Have you and I really discovered who Jesus is? After Jesus asked the disciples, “Why are you afraid,” they asked themselves, “Who is this?”

We will only know the power of Jesus if we get in the boat with Him and sail into the storm so that He can calm the waves when they arise.

Christ Memorial Church