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The 10 Big Questions Jesus Asks series.
Seriously, the disciples are walking with Jesus and had the audacity to argue about who is the greatest? When we get caught in comparing ourselves to one another, our pride causes us to strive to be just a little bit better than the other. When we set our sights on living like Jesus, we are always on a journey to take on more and more of His actions and attitudes. The questions behind the question is, “Why do you feel either of you is the greatest? Why do either of you feel you deserve to be served?”

We spend our energy on the trivial instead of the essential. We argue about the things that don’t matter and reference the temporal to attempt to prove our eternal worth. Jesus recalibrates the discussion by pointing to servanthood as the only path to greatness. After asking them to reveal what they were debating, what they saw was the most important, He points them to the paradox of the Kingdom of Heaven. Only servants will be considered great.

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