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The 10 Big Questions Jesus Asks series.

What if Jesus showed up at my home while I was praying for His intervention,  looked me in the eye, and asked if I truly believed He could do what I requested? How would I answer? We seek Him. Do we ask Him? Do we plead with Him? Do we believe Him? Do you and I even expect Him to act, or do we pray out of habit without expectation?

Jesus asks the blind men if they truly believed or if they were just out of other options. The Son of God wanted to know if He was being sought out because of His love and power to heal or if He was just the next desperate attempt to gin success by these outcasts.

Imbedded in this question is the concept of faith and full life. Is Jesus my next best chance to get what I want, or do I believe, and will I run and tell others of His power and grace? When one has faith and Jesus works miracles, the only reasonable next step is to point to Jesus. Do we believe, and will we point to Jesus?

Christ Memorial Church